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All about DIR-3 KYC - Due Date, Required Documents, Penalty & Fees

Who are required to file DIR-3 KYC 

Every Director who have Active DIN (Director Identification number) on 31 March 2018 has to file e-form DIR-3 KYC. Even if director is non-qualified then also he has to file it. Here Director includes Designated Partner in case of LLP.


What is the due date for filing of DIR-3 KYC.

Government has prescribed 31 Aug 2018 as the due date for filing the DIR-3 KYC of financial year 2017-18. For subsequent Financial Years, due date will be 30thApril of next financial year.


What documents required for filing of DIR-3 KYC

Every Director has to attached Aadhaar as a complusory document along with any permanent address proof. If Aadhaar is an permanent address then no other document will be required.  Voter ID / Passport / License can be attached when permanent address proof is different from Aadhaar.


Can DIR-3 KYC be file without Aadhaar

No, without Aadhaar DIR-3 KYC can not be filed, Aadhaar is compulsory document to file DIR-3 KYC 


What is the Penalty or late fee if DIR-3 KYC filed after due date.

Government has prescribed 31 Aug 2018 as the due date for filing the DIR-3 KYC for financial year 2017-18, if Director don’t file DIR-3 KYC on or before 31 Aug 2018 then Penalty of INR 5000 shall be levied. 


Can DIR-3 KYC file after Due date or 31st August 2018 

Yes, DIR-3 KYC can file even after 31 August 2018 but then penalty of INR 5000 shall be imposed 


What is the fee for filling of DIR-3 KYC.

e-form DIR 3 KYC required verification from practicing professional (who can be CA/CS/CMA), so these professional can charges their professional fee according to their professional skills. However Government did not prescribed any fee for such verification except late fee after 31 Aug.


Whether Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is compulsorily required.

Yes, Digital Signature Certificate of Director and Practicing professional is compulsorily required


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